holiday craft-splosion

So I have been a crafy little elf this year. I did an ornament for an ornament exchange party. I made little angel balls. :) I attempted to photograph one of my best so I would remember it, but the photo came out like this:

So I repositioned myself and proceeded to drop it. So instead I have this:

Here is my booty that I got in exchange:

I gave a lot of it away, which was nice. Home made holidays!

And yesterday I made ALL of us new stockings. And they don't suck...completely. I made a lot of errors, but by the 4th one I had it down.

I also made but did not photograph the doggy blankets for my canine relatives. They are fleecy and cute! Yay! All this plus baking and a newborn!


in the swing of things

So I've been back to work for just over a week now. Things still feel strange, but are settling down. There were big changes at work for this year, so that has been an adjustment all on its own. I'm just 3 months behind everyone in adapting to them. All my former lunch compadres have other plans now, so that is wierd too. I do like teaching though, and 8th graders are so much more fun than 6th graders. I can make fun of them so much easier!!!

The little one is adapting too. She is learning to nap at grandma and grandpa's now. That situation is such a blessing!! I love watching her grow. It still amazes me that I helped make her.

I am even looking forward to crafting. Yay!!


great quilts!

yarnstorm: sunshine after the rain is very inspiring. I want to make us a new quilt, and maybe I'll have to look into the Log Cabin pattern.

This post from Whip UP gives lots more inspiration. Must.. gather.. fabric.. soon...

great quilts!

yarnstorm: sunshine after the rain is very inspiring. I want to make us a new quilt, and maybe I'll have to look into the Log Cabin pattern.


Sew,Mama,Sew! Blog created The Ultimate Handmade Holidays Master List. It is full of so many awesome ideas for the holidays and beyond.


two unlikely rockers

giving thanks

The first thanksgiving photos

"what is with these birds??? help me!!!"

"I get leftovers when?"


opposable thumbs aren't just for apes

So my girl is a thumb sucker. It is so cool watching her progress from jamming her hands into her mouth to sucking on a select fingers to finally discovering the thumb. Ah, the marvelous thumb! How it bends the other way. The poetry! The dexterity!!

It is just plain super cute.


quilt inspiration!

Crazy Nine Patch Quilt looks so awesome!! I love it!

headed back

So this is my last week home with the wee one. I'm back to teaching on Monday. So wierd. I haven't really taught since June! It has been quite a summer break! She has been in a bit of a funk the past few days - waking up in the middle of the night and all, but things are way more predictable around here. We've gone "Baby Wise" so I have a bit more understanding on how to make her happy and meet all her needs. She's not like clockwork, but that is OK. She WAS sleeping through the night no problem, and I'm sure she'll get back to it once she gets out of her funk.

One change that may be affecting her is the bottle only lifestyle I'm switching to. I have been breastfeeding with a feeding tube supplement for a few weeks now. It was a great way to ensure she was getting what she needed, but as she has gotten bigger the amount of formula has been increasing making my small milk conribution small indeed. It was becoming quite a pain in the arse to get the bottles and the straw thing all the time. Then the other day, she faught me at every feeding. So I've decided that it is so ok for me to be a bottle only mom. It is not what I wanted, but it is what we've got. She is phasing out the quality boob time until there is no more. At least I'm done with the straw!

So it will be quite a different pace heading back to work. I wonder what I'll teach on Monday?


revenge of the roids

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds hemmroids funny. Cool Mom Picks: Because You Pushed it Real Good


van nation

So we did it. We bought a min-van. It doesn't feel so mini though! So does this mean I am destined to be a soccer mom? I only hope so if it means punky (like lil pumpkin head, not brewster) is a swift and graceful athelete. I think nothing say mini van like "Girl Scout Leader." A van full of girls and stuff. Yes, yes I like that image sooooo much more. A van full of patches and pigtails, band-aids and bandanas. On my honor.

Ps the Honda Odessey we got is awesome! Eevery other mom out there and I love it!



So I have the rest of the month to be at home with my girl. It will be so strange to go back to work! We are slowly finding a rhythm to our days, and I am finding bits of sanity scattered around my house. I just lick them up and keep them in my pockets for later use.

I have been really awed by people's generosity and helpfulness. It is like we are a part of a really cool club now. I have reached a new higher status in life now: a mom. I get it. It is good. This is what being feminine is really all about. I had no idea. It is strength when you thought you had none. It is calmness is the storms. It is creativeness and boldness. It is doing what needs to be done when no one else will. It is not minding the smells or stains, but taking care of them anyway.

I like this new definition, and I like knowing that it will evolve too.

bunny slippers

How freakin' cute is she?? Love the bunny slippers. If we all looked so cute in slippers!


first halloween

So much fun for her first Halloween. Of course I was the one having the fun! I'm sure next year will be more fun for her!


moving along

So everyday becomes a bit easier...or at least less suprising in some ways. The evenings are still strange and a struggle when nothing seems to please her. I am very nervous of the family wedding we are going to tomorrow night. I am anticpating complete meltdowns by me and my girl!

I am also reluctant to buy clothes for this inbetween size that I currently inhabit. I mostly still wear maternity, but they are getting rather loose. I never was this size as a not pregnant person so I have zero bottoms to fit my bottom! So we are going shopping today. Very adventurous I know, but it can be done!

Someone is awake now....



I have to admit I love having my girl fall asleep on my chest. Tonight is cool enough for a blanket which makes it even more of a snuggle. The dog has even joined in and curled up on my feet. Deep breaths....enjoy the good things.


going herbal

So as I write this I am letting my cup of tea cool. This is special tea that mothers have been using for centuries (so says the box) to help milk flow. I'll try it all right about now. After a week of guessing, not pooping, now pooping and puking I really really really want to be a normal breastfeeding mom. I HATE the "breastfeed, give a bottle, and pump" cycle that I have to endure to encourage milk production. It makes my little Monkey frustrated when there isn't much for me to offer her which in turn makes me super sad.

I am having a very hard time keeping faith and a positive attitude right now. There are moments in the day when I want to curl on the bathroom floor and cry for an hour. Maybe I should take my pump in there...we could be friends. I hate feeling like I'm broken...like I've failed because logically I know that is not true. Unfortunately logic takes the occasional backseat these days.

She's doing better this week...we have more regular poops so at least she's getting enough finally. Hopefully the herbal horsepills and the tea will do something, and we are going to the lactation consultant on Friday. I don't know what they can do, but maybe just talking to someone about this will help.

Today was hard. for me that is. I just want things to be normal hard, not like this. I keep hoping that if this problem gets fixed that I will start to feel better emotionally. My body did a spectacular job of surviving natural childbirth, but my 'motions have not. I know Scarlett say that tomorrow is another day, and maybe that's what I have to cling to. With God as my witness she'll never go hungry again.



So this sweet girl is finally home! the first night was pretty shakey, but last night was better. Not great, but better. Today we're on our own and I've showered and even put on make up. Now she's passed out on my belly...life is good.


on the go!

here's my first attempt at mobile blogging. Isn't my dog cute? Now if he could only stop injuring himself!


for the "when I ever get time" file

I love Halloween. I love it all. I love that Make/Craft is having a contest for cool halloween stuff that people make. I.want.to.make.cool.things.but.will.NOT.have.TIME.


book reviews

So in my waiting period I have taken up reading of the books I always wanted to get to, but didn't have the time. So far I've read two.

1. The Nanny Diaries. I'll never see the film because of its horrible reviews, but the book was entertaining. Nothing to lose sleep over, but an interesting peek into that kind of life. What horrible parents! Reccomended for light and easy reading.

2. Good Harbor. Picked it up because I loved The Red Tent, also by the same author. She writes well, but this is no Red Tent. Interesting, but left me feeling unfulfilled. It had potential, but was rather bland toward the end. Read The Red Tent again instead.

Now I'm reading Many Waters, the 4th in the Wrinkle in Time series. If you can call it a series. I never cared about Sandy and Dennys, but L'Engle seems fairly religious in this one, so it is interesting. I miss Charles Wallace and Meg already...



One of my favorite authors from childhood has died. I need to go re-read them all again.
Madeleine L'Engle


Long Hot August

and three more weeks to go!

For no ggod reason have I stopped writing. I am very much with child and I am getting restless. It takes a lot of energy to do much these days, so my activites feel rather limited. Blah! I can barely take my dog out for a short morning walk with out returning sweaty and tired. I feel as ready as I can I suppose. I guess I don't know HOW I'm supposed to feel. I'm anxious, apprehensive, excited and curious. I'm just trying to remain open about this whole upcoming experience because I can't control many of the details at all.

I like this picture of me best right now...mainly because my gargantuan belly looks so funny to my awesome dog!


bedding hunt

Target : MiGi Splash 6-pc. Crib Bedding Set
I haven't seen this one before, and I think I like it!


busy day

Cleaned the house like my mother in law was coming - check
Husband had stitches removed - check
Husband had ALL stiches removed - check
Had extensive ultrasound of baby - check

Found out baby's gender - DENIED!!
Had house appraised for refi - check
Went and got husband a tatoo - check
Had awesome fish and chips sans beer - check

All this and it is only 7pm. No wonder I'm tired.



feelin' it now

So I am offically feeling pregnant. I can't lay on my back...that feels wrong. Eating is feast or famine depending on the time of day. My feet - specifically my heels- hurt alot. And I really am showing now. It is all so strange. I know that it will all be fine, but I get this looming feeling of "what did you get yourself into now? Oh well, I know I can be a worrier!

In other more exciting news, I got the CUTEST fabric for the baby's quilt. Noah's ark with bright primary-esque colors. I can't wait till I'm done with my stupid class to get it started!


help me obi won kanobi, you're my only hope

So I have finalyy heard about the R2-D2 mailboxes. There is one in my town, and I must have a meeting with it. I can't beleive in all the pictures people posted that no one did the Leia/R2 video clip from Star Wars. What an awesome pose!! My awesome picture will be coming soon!!


new toy!

Frank got a new toy from PetSmart for his birthday, but this wasn't it. He ate that one within 5 minutes of getting it home. So today we walked over there to exchange it and got 2 amazing air kong squeaker balls. These balls are bigger than average, and Frank has not left it alone yet. He squeaks the crap out of it! It is so we a soggy now, that it needs to dry off outside before it comes in the house to be loved!


new me

Hoorah! A new me has emerged from the sickness cocoon. I cleaned myself up and went maternity shopping with my mom and aunts today. It was a very fun day plus I got lots of cute clothes! It was nice to hang out and talk to moms who were supportive and nice to me. I felt like I was joining the club. Very nice.

I also had to call animal control tonight! I ran into a stray German Shepard mix/pup. He had bloody paw marks all over the area he was resting in - which was right out side the back gate to my condo. Lucky for me has super friendly. So much so he tried to come in with me and my dog! Too bad after I called he took off somewhere. I hope someone finds him!


sinus pressure anyone?

Ok. So I just feel like whining about the incredible pressure going on in the right side of my skull. I have been blowing yellow crap all day. Uck. I want this to go away. Forever. And Ever. Halleluia. Ha. Le. Lu. Ya.


sick! again!

So really the only downside of pregnancy has been my low immunities and the inability to take normal OTC medications. I have been sick twice in the last 3 weeks. Great. Love it. My nose is running like a leaky faucet and all I can do is "push fluids" and "rest." Wow. That is so helpful! Ug. Hopefully today will be the last of the drippy nose and it will move on to annoying cough. At least then I can go to work looking like a normal person.


big news

So Mrs. Magpie is going to be Mama Magpie. Yay!



nerd alert!!!

I so totally want this shirt!! I want to re-read all the Harry Potters in preparation for the next book. I can't wait!!!!


singin in the rain?

Look what I came home to today: Puddles....in the house....not good.


ink hell

After much research and purchases of the wrong ink cartridges, the correct ink, and ink jet cleaner, I finally discovered why my printer won't print! A little tube has disconnected. That's it! How easy!! or not.

I have spent about an hour wrestling with my printer. I have not won yet, but I will!! It seriously has been like trying to artifically inseminate beetles or refuel a jet while flying. I don't have enough room to get in there properly and I do not have enough hands to do the job. What I need are Oompa Loompas with their little and lithe fingers.

I will be victorious!!!

to be continued.....


Happy New Year!

So Baby New Year 2007 is off and running! I really want to write more, so that is a mini resolution of mine. I don't really care for resolutions made on January 1 because they seem so arbitary, but I HAVE been meaning to write more so this seems like a good opportunity.

Mr. Magpie has been working on the bathroom again. WE - yes we - installed crown moulding in the bathroom yesterday. What a pain!! Turns out that nothing in our condo was square or plum so getting everything to fit together on wonky walls was interesting. We used this "waterproof moulding" made from 100% recycled polystyrene. I really like the environment friendly aspect of this stuff. It also didn't chip or split like MDF and looks great! Now Al Gore can come take a crap in out bathroom!!