zombie day

ug. today has been hard. still feeling crappy...hopefully it is just a cold and not swine flu! eek! annie has had multiple meltdowns today...still can't figure out why, but I have suspicions now. I think it is a patience thing. She wanted to go outside, but couldn't wait or be bothered to sit down for shoes without losing it. When she resorted to hitting me, time outs ensued. and to think I was trying to get her outside to play!!

started a log for katie to track her eating and sleeping patterns. i think annie woke her up from two different naps today. great.

despite my illness, exhaustion and frustrations, I'm in a decent state of mind. maybe because its naptime.....


long time...no rant

Ok, so it has been a long while with not much to say. Now that I'm at home I am needing a venting place. So here it is.

I survived a Target run today with BOTH girls. Annie was so good and Katie just slept in the sling. Can't believe I made it without any meltdowns. Of course I forgot the stuff I wanted to return, but I can do that later I suppose. Goodness knows I'll need to go back there for formula soon enough!

Not too sleepy today so will get more cleaning done again. What a crazy life!!


crap in my eye

1. I WILL NOT have pink eye. I am a grown woman. I don't share make up at slumber parties. This sore, red tear duct is NOT pink eye.

2. I do not feel like cleaning. Ever.

3. I miss my dog.

4. I have work to do at work, but not enough time to really do it.

5. I am so not ready for the field trip this week.

6. I am even less ready for Christmas.

7. I am not stressed about this at all.

8. Clearly I am in denial.



So little monkey went to the pumpkin patch. She of course LOVED it. She loved walking around, all the pumpkins, the ponies, the rides, the train. ALL of it. Of course this place, as seen in this photo, is Pa's Pumpkin Patch. Of course it is. My Grandpa wouldn't have had it any other way. It is totally the type of place he would have brought us to, so tonight was a suprise for me too. It was nice to have such great memories of him even though Annie won't meet him.


not none, ONE!

I can't believe she's ONE. I've been a mom for 1 year. I didn't break her...or me! It has been a surreal ride so far, but I've enoyed it so far. It feels normal to be mom now which is very cool.

Miss One Year Old did very well at her party...all things considered. She finally relaxed and played with guests, opened a few presents and of course enjoyed her very own cake. I think I even enjoyed it!

Now of course that she'll be a big sister before too long, it will all change again. But I told myself I could handle the fears of being a mom to one, so the mantra continues: I can handle being the mom of two....under the age of two!!!!


an open letter to Joan Allen:

Dear Ms. Allen,

It appears you are in a movie titled "Death Race." Is this an error, a sick joke, or did you lose a bet? You're a decent actress who I have enjoyed in every movie I've seen you in. Are you not aware of the demographic of a movie called "Death Race?" This movie is for guys and generally requires no thought. No offense to those who will no doubt enjoy Death Race, its just not a movie that is going to make you feel good about yourself afterwards. (I'm not sure it would provide any emotioal properties!) Just because you were in the Bourne movies, which are action style movies, does not give you any logical transition to Death Race. I'm sorry to see your career circling the drain so. See you in Death Race II.