zombie day

ug. today has been hard. still feeling crappy...hopefully it is just a cold and not swine flu! eek! annie has had multiple meltdowns today...still can't figure out why, but I have suspicions now. I think it is a patience thing. She wanted to go outside, but couldn't wait or be bothered to sit down for shoes without losing it. When she resorted to hitting me, time outs ensued. and to think I was trying to get her outside to play!!

started a log for katie to track her eating and sleeping patterns. i think annie woke her up from two different naps today. great.

despite my illness, exhaustion and frustrations, I'm in a decent state of mind. maybe because its naptime.....

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Jason said...

I must say I find it very impressive to be handling a toddler and a newborn! you guys are amazing. nice work!