Throw Rocks At Boys

Compliments of Tracy at Shiny Things and Dave Barry, I present: Throw Rocks At Boys. Have fun throwing rocks at dumb boys!!

where is the love?

Oh I know! It's at the P*lace. Ever since that great Black Eyed Peas song got more popular, some thing bugged me. That gilr in the group looks a lot like Stacey from Kids Inc. Today I put my worries to ease, the former Kids Inc. and Wild Orchids girl IS Fergie in the Black Eyed Peas. This may seem wildly obvious, but I needed confirmation!!

Well now that this is straightened out I can sleep better tonight.


good morning!

So this has been my first morning in a long time that I have had time to process and think and read. I have been happily working everyday and nearly every afternoon for a while now, and it is GOOD to have a break. I've had my oatmeal and tea, had time to read all my favorite sites, and write a bit. Yay!

Substitute teaching has been interesting so far. I've been working at only a few schools so I'm starting to recognize faces. Last week I even had kids that I barely remember give me waist high hugs in the playground. That is a great feeling! I'm glad to get back to my college classes though. I fell like that all the stuff I learned last semester I was able to put ot great use during my one month of subbing. And best of all, this is my last semester before I student teach, which is one step closer to having my own class! Oooh I'm getting restless!

Well Happy Monday!


If you haven't already - support your local Girl Scouts! Down in my neck of the woods it is Cookie time. This is such an important way for the girls to earn their money to do great things thoughout the year. So buy a box...or three! Need a source? Email me!

sock dogs!

Ok, ok so I'm pretty sure that these instructions for Sock Dogs have been around the block a few times. I believe these and these are Martha's instructions. Damn these are so cute!!! I need to make one, and I think my Girl Scout Troop needs to make them too!!