narnia nerd alert

So my next closest character was Caspian. So I guess that's not too bad!


ebay adventures

So I'm an eBay seller now. How cool. Well it will be cool if someone buys the CPA prep course I'm selling. I'm getting strange messages from people wanting to buy it outside of eBay. I haven't addressed those querys because the answer should be NO duh! If I wanted to sell it to a random person with no hope of getting the cash I would. It is a lot of money. Money that will help our renovation process. I think someone will buy it before the auction is over. I hope anyway!!



So I used to think those Mac ads with the two guys were so cute. I'm a PC gal and would NEVER use macs. Ok, until now. Windows died on me this week and I lostEVERYTHING on my computer. Real cute. Makes me want to punch that fat dumb PC guy. I've spent the past two days putting things back to normal, but I did not realize how much we use the computer for so many different things.


quality naps

Someone is having a good Saturday.


MSN f-ing blows!

So that title may be a tad severe, but I am glad to say that I am D O N E done with MSN. Do they realize that every hacker everywhere sends worms and buggies thru their crap service. I can't check my mail with out a "blocked intrusion" from my anti-virus. So I've happily switched to Gmail. Very nice. Now if I could only forward my old mail to my new gmail... I guess that is what tomorrow is for!


It's all good

I am such a sucker for this super cute shirt! I just wonder if I'm getting too old for this kind of stuff...