two unlikely rockers

giving thanks

The first thanksgiving photos

"what is with these birds??? help me!!!"

"I get leftovers when?"


opposable thumbs aren't just for apes

So my girl is a thumb sucker. It is so cool watching her progress from jamming her hands into her mouth to sucking on a select fingers to finally discovering the thumb. Ah, the marvelous thumb! How it bends the other way. The poetry! The dexterity!!

It is just plain super cute.


quilt inspiration!

Crazy Nine Patch Quilt looks so awesome!! I love it!

headed back

So this is my last week home with the wee one. I'm back to teaching on Monday. So wierd. I haven't really taught since June! It has been quite a summer break! She has been in a bit of a funk the past few days - waking up in the middle of the night and all, but things are way more predictable around here. We've gone "Baby Wise" so I have a bit more understanding on how to make her happy and meet all her needs. She's not like clockwork, but that is OK. She WAS sleeping through the night no problem, and I'm sure she'll get back to it once she gets out of her funk.

One change that may be affecting her is the bottle only lifestyle I'm switching to. I have been breastfeeding with a feeding tube supplement for a few weeks now. It was a great way to ensure she was getting what she needed, but as she has gotten bigger the amount of formula has been increasing making my small milk conribution small indeed. It was becoming quite a pain in the arse to get the bottles and the straw thing all the time. Then the other day, she faught me at every feeding. So I've decided that it is so ok for me to be a bottle only mom. It is not what I wanted, but it is what we've got. She is phasing out the quality boob time until there is no more. At least I'm done with the straw!

So it will be quite a different pace heading back to work. I wonder what I'll teach on Monday?


revenge of the roids

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds hemmroids funny. Cool Mom Picks: Because You Pushed it Real Good


van nation

So we did it. We bought a min-van. It doesn't feel so mini though! So does this mean I am destined to be a soccer mom? I only hope so if it means punky (like lil pumpkin head, not brewster) is a swift and graceful athelete. I think nothing say mini van like "Girl Scout Leader." A van full of girls and stuff. Yes, yes I like that image sooooo much more. A van full of patches and pigtails, band-aids and bandanas. On my honor.

Ps the Honda Odessey we got is awesome! Eevery other mom out there and I love it!



So I have the rest of the month to be at home with my girl. It will be so strange to go back to work! We are slowly finding a rhythm to our days, and I am finding bits of sanity scattered around my house. I just lick them up and keep them in my pockets for later use.

I have been really awed by people's generosity and helpfulness. It is like we are a part of a really cool club now. I have reached a new higher status in life now: a mom. I get it. It is good. This is what being feminine is really all about. I had no idea. It is strength when you thought you had none. It is calmness is the storms. It is creativeness and boldness. It is doing what needs to be done when no one else will. It is not minding the smells or stains, but taking care of them anyway.

I like this new definition, and I like knowing that it will evolve too.

bunny slippers

How freakin' cute is she?? Love the bunny slippers. If we all looked so cute in slippers!