holly jolly

I've really been enjoying the holidays as they ramp up. I helped host my work party which went over well, and finally got up the Christmas decorations. I really love the ornaments and my nativity set. I have the nativity set from Willow Tree and it is beautiful. My favorite thing about the nativity set, even since Iwas a kid, was having the wise men make their way across the room to join the rest of the gang in January. Just makes me smile every year.


relative dating

In my 6th grade science classes we introduced the topic of relative dating. Before we read the selection on the topic, I asked if this topic meant that we were going to talk about boyfriends and girlfriends. Ha ha. Well one of my students in my second group said that relative dating meant dating your cousin. More ha ha ha. Another chimed in with "relative dating is when your family tree doesn't fork." I laughed so hard! I love it when my students get the joke and can make me laugh too. Great day. This is almost as good as all the Uranus jokes in 8th grade astronomy unit!


man. fire. good

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With the winds whipping across the beach at San Miguel, Mr. Magpie needed to make a kick ass fire ring that was taller on the windy side. He took great pride in our awesome fire and fire ring. Camping is so fun, especially when all you have to worry about is when to take a nap and building fires and roasting marshmellows. Esta bien!


Retro Postcards

I love the look of Retro Postcards. Here is some good tips on creating your own!

fake concert tickets!

Popjustice has created a nifty online generator for concert tickets. You plug in the info you want to have - the ideal lineup, your band, etc- and poof! Now you have ticket stub to share online. Cool!

dumb dog, why are you following me?

My dumb dog tweaked a ligament in his hip after rolling off the bed while sound asleep. Nice one. He will heal, but it is possible that he can reinjure the joint. Knowing my dog, he will. I'm trying to think positive though!

A little help from upstairs can't hurt either. Frank will soon be sporting one of these tags!


"crazy Frank"

My amazing dog continues to injure himself. This time I think it is Strains & Sprains. We'll see. In the meantime, everytime I call the vet they refer to my dog as "Crazy Frank." Is there any other kind?

the devil is on TV

This summer of watching TV has forced me to watch the commercial for Countrywide. Not only am I tired of listening to "no one can do what Countrywide can," I am now convinced that their spokesman is in fact the devil. Satan himself. I couldn't find a picture of him, but next time you see that ad....think...is the devil seducing me through my TV again?


good idea:

Animaniacs finally on DVD.
bad idea: no one told me about it and got it for my birthday. I'm a little bit excited here!


roller derby

This weekend I went roller skating in an indoor rink. I haven't laced up a pair of quads since high school. I missed it!! My husband and I had so much fun it was silly. I felt right at home in skates. Not as smooth as I once was, but comfortable enough to move freely and not fall. It is funny, but I always felt a sense of freedom when I skate. That feeling came right back to me. The best part is that my husband wants to do that again. Right on!


see no evil indeed!


My third birthday party! The blind monkey is my neighbor, Bobby. The deaf monkey is my cousin, Kyle. I think it is a little more than appropriate that they had me shut my mouth! Posted by Picasa


crafty girl!

So I finally am learning to sew! Yay!!
This is the start of the quilt I am making. I believe it is called "Irish Chain." A friend of my mom is doing a kick ass job of teaching me the basics.


narnia nerd alert

So my next closest character was Caspian. So I guess that's not too bad!


ebay adventures

So I'm an eBay seller now. How cool. Well it will be cool if someone buys the CPA prep course I'm selling. I'm getting strange messages from people wanting to buy it outside of eBay. I haven't addressed those querys because the answer should be NO duh! If I wanted to sell it to a random person with no hope of getting the cash I would. It is a lot of money. Money that will help our renovation process. I think someone will buy it before the auction is over. I hope anyway!!



So I used to think those Mac ads with the two guys were so cute. I'm a PC gal and would NEVER use macs. Ok, until now. Windows died on me this week and I lostEVERYTHING on my computer. Real cute. Makes me want to punch that fat dumb PC guy. I've spent the past two days putting things back to normal, but I did not realize how much we use the computer for so many different things.


quality naps

Someone is having a good Saturday.


MSN f-ing blows!

So that title may be a tad severe, but I am glad to say that I am D O N E done with MSN. Do they realize that every hacker everywhere sends worms and buggies thru their crap service. I can't check my mail with out a "blocked intrusion" from my anti-virus. So I've happily switched to Gmail. Very nice. Now if I could only forward my old mail to my new gmail... I guess that is what tomorrow is for!


It's all good

I am such a sucker for this super cute shirt! I just wonder if I'm getting too old for this kind of stuff...


Winning Streak

Yay for my class!!

So two years running my class has won the field day competition for our grade level. I know that it is silly and doesn't mean much, but I'm proud of them. I'm proud that they wrote a stupid cheer and did it every time. I'm proud that Luis wore the Nacho Libre outfit and ran around the field with our flag. I'm proud that they were proud of their flag. I am proud that no one sat out of the events. Not the Hispanic kids, not the white kids...no one! I enjoy getting into these kind of events and helping the kids relax, have fun and kick ass all at the same time. Once again a little bit of teamwork and good attitude took them far.



Oldnavy.com is looking for pin up dogs! Frank is our obvious choice!!


Super Nerds Unite!

I attended the super nerd celebration known as the "National Science Teachers Association." I completely geeked out and was marveled by nerds who measure black holes and active galaxies, nerds who invented new spinning tops, and nerds who want to make teaching science a good thing in the lives of young people. Of course I got lots of free geeky stuff...mainly lots of posters from NASA and pencils. I splurged and made a few purchases too. I resisted the stuffed Einsten doll and stuck to stuffed germs. Sadly they were fresh out of syhallus and gonherria, so I snatched up HIV, Hepatitus and Mono. How cute!


Cozy dog!

cozy frank3
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I can't decide if this or #4 are my favorite of the cozy pictures.


cute husband

My husband was such a little cutie at age 6. I love the OP shirt too. So early 80's. Love it!


So on Friday, I found out from my District Office that I was not authorized to teach my subject. In fact I had not been authorized for the last year and a half. Needless to say, I was a tad upset and took it up with my principal. I told the nice lady that someone had either made a mistake a year and a half ago or she was wrong. She told me she would investigate.

This morning the first email I read told me that there was a nice little loophole that gives the school board the option to authorize someone like myself who has 12 units in my subject. Yay! Loopholes! I knew there was a real reason and now I knew what it was. I was very much relieved.


spell "nerd"

speak and spell
You're a Speak & Spell!! You nerd, you. Just
because you were disguised as a toy doesn't
mean you weren't educational, you sneaky

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
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sew scared

So my mom suprised me this Christmas and got me a sewing machine. I have always wanted to know how to do those sort of things, but now the situation is at hand. I'm totally afraid of getting into this. I feel like it will just create a giant mess with little output. Ah, such is the creative life!