Pees and Poops!

Pee and Poop as cuddly little friends! If only I could read Norweigen and buy one!

A girl can only hope!


heeeeeeer's Satan!

So we dressed up our little dog for Halloween. He was not a huge fan of the outfit. I think this is mainly because it made a wierd sound when he moved. As humans we are familiar with the sound that windbreakers or trackpants make, but dogs.....


who knew?

Your Linguistic Profile:

65% General American English

20% Upper Midwestern

10% Yankee

5% Dixie

0% Midwestern

You Passed the US Citizenship Test

Congratulations - you got 9 out of 10 correct!


death and taxes

Big dude and I just spent the last 2 hours going over property tax bills. What a nightmare! We finally figured it out (applause applause!) and things are not nearly as bad as we once thought. Silly supplemental bills....silly tax assessors who can't process stuff in a timely fashion or use the English Language. Silly, silly!

Little dude has been a wild one lately. He's makin' me nuts! He is terrible on the leash now. He pulls all the time and he drives me crazy.

But the westher has been providing wonderful views of Catalina Island. I love going for a little walk on the big hill to see the island. Very cool!


new year

So the summer came and went. Too fast!! Ending the summer with such a devastating storm is a terrible way to end a nice summer. Katrina really reminded me how truly fragile we are. We have all this amazing technology, but nature is still the stronger.

On another thought, it feels so much better teaching having one year under my belt. I feel so much more in control and am able to prevent the fires that I spent so much time putting out last year!



So I went to visit my friend who is a new mom. Way trippy experience. She made a person.....The baby was of course a cutie and I wasn't scared of it so that was nice. It makes me think all about making my own people (collect them all!) and I am content for waiting a bit longer. I am not ready to be mom next summer. So that's good...I was glad to realize this.


worms are wrong

So yeah. My dog had worms come out of his ass on my birthday. So there was no art festival for me. Only a trip to the vet. Now of course, he won't eat and had wierd poops. Now he's sleeping like a rock. I just want him to eat like a normal dog!!!


good food?

Dude. I hate it when my dog doesn't eat his food. Is he ill? Is he full from all the treats at class last night? Is it the heat? What is it? If only I was a pet pyschic!


summer update

So tomorrow I turn 29. What a crap age to be. Just on the edge of the 30's. I might as well BE 30. At least I don't have to work tomorrow.

So far this summer has been nice. I'm working on my tan, started a really good novel, and have the next 24 hours to get my office together. Should be good.

We went camping this weekend. It was fantastic! The weather was great and we all got along fairly well. Our dog, Frank, had a good time too and was very well behaved. He even jumped around in the creek there. Frank still does not care for crashing waves, but he does like water!

So this morning I have been totally loafing around, but oh well. Frank and I need to work on our dog training. He's on to sit, stay and come. I have not been a good trainer this week, so I better pick up the slack in the coming week.


team collingwood


Originally uploaded by not martha.
This is mainly for my sister in Seattle. Pookie- go to Lush. Quickly. Smell all the wonderful things. Buy something. Enjoy many times.


Hoorah!!! It is finally summer! School is out for the next 9 weeks and I have a job lined up for next fall. Couldn't be better! Well it would of course be better if I didn't have to work the day camp. Oh well. That shouldn't be too hard.

There are some things I want to catch up on in the next 9 weeks:
1. Get dog to stop peeing in the house.
2. Take CPR class and get credential from the hobbit at my university.
3. Shed some lbs.
4. Grow out hair.
5. Get a tan.
6. Get photos organized.
8. Plan for next year's classes: Syllabus for computer class, 1st quarter of Science.
9. Write more...here!
10. Read a book.
11. Complain to Mattress Gallery about piss poor service.
12. Move back into bedroom.

I'm sure there is more. I'll have to add to my list to keep myself accountable.


they call her flipper...

Flickr...Flipper... faster than lightning. Ok, so really it's flickr and it is super neeto so far.




Stop the madness! LittleJoey Potter must be resuced from the clutches of evil!!


yeah, I'm blogging about my dog...

So what?1 He's super cute... see?!?!

Picking teams!

The newest member to the team, Frank



hopping Easter

Yesterday was an uneventful day of travel. I flex from LAX to O'Hare, waited 3 hours, and flew to Washington DC. Thankfully the high school groups and babies caused no drama on the planes at all. Just a day of being uncomfortable and waiting.

Now I'm in DC and it is rainy and poopy here. Not to mention that there is no little bottle of lotion here! My hands are dry, damnit! Well I'll take advantage of the rainy day and head indoors to a museum....yay.


the grail

Ok, so this weekend I did not grade any quizzes orlab write ups. I didn't plan for the week of teaching. I read The Da Vinci Code. It really was one of those books you can't put down. But I think the ending disapointed me. I had guessed all the plot twist endings, and was initially glad that I was wrong. When I was right I felt let down. How obvious!!! I know I run the risk of sounding snobbish, but I wanted and expected better. All the clues and overall plot rocked, but the twists just fell apart for me. Great read though and I fully endorse it! My husband is reading it right now!

Now when will we be able to go to Paris......

hit a nerve

I've been to the dentist recently. I had 3 cavities that needed tending to. Turns out that avoiding the dentist for three years is not such a good plan. I've never had a nerve struck in the literal sense before. Now I've had it done...repeatedly. The first day for fillings the dentist doing the work realized I was not totally numb and gave me another shot. She made a clean shot right to a nerve in my gums and I about lept to the ceiling. I was freaked, shed a few tears, but survived the fillings that day. I return the following week with the best of intentions for a great attitude. The same denist sets me up and gives me the initial shot. This time she was not as clean, but a more constant rubbing to the nerve. Finally she landed a clean contact to the nerve and I nearly the punched the small Chinese woman.

I kinda wish I did.


new house!!

Hey look!! Here are pictures of our new future home!!! Yay Yay!