hit a nerve

I've been to the dentist recently. I had 3 cavities that needed tending to. Turns out that avoiding the dentist for three years is not such a good plan. I've never had a nerve struck in the literal sense before. Now I've had it done...repeatedly. The first day for fillings the dentist doing the work realized I was not totally numb and gave me another shot. She made a clean shot right to a nerve in my gums and I about lept to the ceiling. I was freaked, shed a few tears, but survived the fillings that day. I return the following week with the best of intentions for a great attitude. The same denist sets me up and gives me the initial shot. This time she was not as clean, but a more constant rubbing to the nerve. Finally she landed a clean contact to the nerve and I nearly the punched the small Chinese woman.

I kinda wish I did.

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