nerd alert!!!

I so totally want this shirt!! I want to re-read all the Harry Potters in preparation for the next book. I can't wait!!!!


singin in the rain?

Look what I came home to today: Puddles....in the house....not good.


ink hell

After much research and purchases of the wrong ink cartridges, the correct ink, and ink jet cleaner, I finally discovered why my printer won't print! A little tube has disconnected. That's it! How easy!! or not.

I have spent about an hour wrestling with my printer. I have not won yet, but I will!! It seriously has been like trying to artifically inseminate beetles or refuel a jet while flying. I don't have enough room to get in there properly and I do not have enough hands to do the job. What I need are Oompa Loompas with their little and lithe fingers.

I will be victorious!!!

to be continued.....


Happy New Year!

So Baby New Year 2007 is off and running! I really want to write more, so that is a mini resolution of mine. I don't really care for resolutions made on January 1 because they seem so arbitary, but I HAVE been meaning to write more so this seems like a good opportunity.

Mr. Magpie has been working on the bathroom again. WE - yes we - installed crown moulding in the bathroom yesterday. What a pain!! Turns out that nothing in our condo was square or plum so getting everything to fit together on wonky walls was interesting. We used this "waterproof moulding" made from 100% recycled polystyrene. I really like the environment friendly aspect of this stuff. It also didn't chip or split like MDF and looks great! Now Al Gore can come take a crap in out bathroom!!