worms are wrong

So yeah. My dog had worms come out of his ass on my birthday. So there was no art festival for me. Only a trip to the vet. Now of course, he won't eat and had wierd poops. Now he's sleeping like a rock. I just want him to eat like a normal dog!!!


good food?

Dude. I hate it when my dog doesn't eat his food. Is he ill? Is he full from all the treats at class last night? Is it the heat? What is it? If only I was a pet pyschic!


summer update

So tomorrow I turn 29. What a crap age to be. Just on the edge of the 30's. I might as well BE 30. At least I don't have to work tomorrow.

So far this summer has been nice. I'm working on my tan, started a really good novel, and have the next 24 hours to get my office together. Should be good.

We went camping this weekend. It was fantastic! The weather was great and we all got along fairly well. Our dog, Frank, had a good time too and was very well behaved. He even jumped around in the creek there. Frank still does not care for crashing waves, but he does like water!

So this morning I have been totally loafing around, but oh well. Frank and I need to work on our dog training. He's on to sit, stay and come. I have not been a good trainer this week, so I better pick up the slack in the coming week.