So this sweet girl is finally home! the first night was pretty shakey, but last night was better. Not great, but better. Today we're on our own and I've showered and even put on make up. Now she's passed out on my belly...life is good.


on the go!

here's my first attempt at mobile blogging. Isn't my dog cute? Now if he could only stop injuring himself!


for the "when I ever get time" file

I love Halloween. I love it all. I love that Make/Craft is having a contest for cool halloween stuff that people make. I.want.to.make.cool.things.but.will.NOT.have.TIME.


book reviews

So in my waiting period I have taken up reading of the books I always wanted to get to, but didn't have the time. So far I've read two.

1. The Nanny Diaries. I'll never see the film because of its horrible reviews, but the book was entertaining. Nothing to lose sleep over, but an interesting peek into that kind of life. What horrible parents! Reccomended for light and easy reading.

2. Good Harbor. Picked it up because I loved The Red Tent, also by the same author. She writes well, but this is no Red Tent. Interesting, but left me feeling unfulfilled. It had potential, but was rather bland toward the end. Read The Red Tent again instead.

Now I'm reading Many Waters, the 4th in the Wrinkle in Time series. If you can call it a series. I never cared about Sandy and Dennys, but L'Engle seems fairly religious in this one, so it is interesting. I miss Charles Wallace and Meg already...



One of my favorite authors from childhood has died. I need to go re-read them all again.
Madeleine L'Engle