Retro Postcards

I love the look of Retro Postcards. Here is some good tips on creating your own!

fake concert tickets!

Popjustice has created a nifty online generator for concert tickets. You plug in the info you want to have - the ideal lineup, your band, etc- and poof! Now you have ticket stub to share online. Cool!

dumb dog, why are you following me?

My dumb dog tweaked a ligament in his hip after rolling off the bed while sound asleep. Nice one. He will heal, but it is possible that he can reinjure the joint. Knowing my dog, he will. I'm trying to think positive though!

A little help from upstairs can't hurt either. Frank will soon be sporting one of these tags!


"crazy Frank"

My amazing dog continues to injure himself. This time I think it is Strains & Sprains. We'll see. In the meantime, everytime I call the vet they refer to my dog as "Crazy Frank." Is there any other kind?

the devil is on TV

This summer of watching TV has forced me to watch the commercial for Countrywide. Not only am I tired of listening to "no one can do what Countrywide can," I am now convinced that their spokesman is in fact the devil. Satan himself. I couldn't find a picture of him, but next time you see that ad....think...is the devil seducing me through my TV again?


good idea:

Animaniacs finally on DVD.
bad idea: no one told me about it and got it for my birthday. I'm a little bit excited here!


roller derby

This weekend I went roller skating in an indoor rink. I haven't laced up a pair of quads since high school. I missed it!! My husband and I had so much fun it was silly. I felt right at home in skates. Not as smooth as I once was, but comfortable enough to move freely and not fall. It is funny, but I always felt a sense of freedom when I skate. That feeling came right back to me. The best part is that my husband wants to do that again. Right on!


see no evil indeed!


My third birthday party! The blind monkey is my neighbor, Bobby. The deaf monkey is my cousin, Kyle. I think it is a little more than appropriate that they had me shut my mouth! Posted by Picasa


crafty girl!

So I finally am learning to sew! Yay!!
This is the start of the quilt I am making. I believe it is called "Irish Chain." A friend of my mom is doing a kick ass job of teaching me the basics.