Hoorah!!! It is finally summer! School is out for the next 9 weeks and I have a job lined up for next fall. Couldn't be better! Well it would of course be better if I didn't have to work the day camp. Oh well. That shouldn't be too hard.

There are some things I want to catch up on in the next 9 weeks:
1. Get dog to stop peeing in the house.
2. Take CPR class and get credential from the hobbit at my university.
3. Shed some lbs.
4. Grow out hair.
5. Get a tan.
6. Get photos organized.
8. Plan for next year's classes: Syllabus for computer class, 1st quarter of Science.
9. Write more...here!
10. Read a book.
11. Complain to Mattress Gallery about piss poor service.
12. Move back into bedroom.

I'm sure there is more. I'll have to add to my list to keep myself accountable.

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