So I have the rest of the month to be at home with my girl. It will be so strange to go back to work! We are slowly finding a rhythm to our days, and I am finding bits of sanity scattered around my house. I just lick them up and keep them in my pockets for later use.

I have been really awed by people's generosity and helpfulness. It is like we are a part of a really cool club now. I have reached a new higher status in life now: a mom. I get it. It is good. This is what being feminine is really all about. I had no idea. It is strength when you thought you had none. It is calmness is the storms. It is creativeness and boldness. It is doing what needs to be done when no one else will. It is not minding the smells or stains, but taking care of them anyway.

I like this new definition, and I like knowing that it will evolve too.

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Beth said...

Hmmm....yes. Hard to describe to others. Exciting to see happen in your best friend from youth. We are a long way from the apartment upstairs....I love you.