good morning!

So this has been my first morning in a long time that I have had time to process and think and read. I have been happily working everyday and nearly every afternoon for a while now, and it is GOOD to have a break. I've had my oatmeal and tea, had time to read all my favorite sites, and write a bit. Yay!

Substitute teaching has been interesting so far. I've been working at only a few schools so I'm starting to recognize faces. Last week I even had kids that I barely remember give me waist high hugs in the playground. That is a great feeling! I'm glad to get back to my college classes though. I fell like that all the stuff I learned last semester I was able to put ot great use during my one month of subbing. And best of all, this is my last semester before I student teach, which is one step closer to having my own class! Oooh I'm getting restless!

Well Happy Monday!

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