100 things

1. I hate fish. Not to eat, but to look at. They just freak me out.
2. I want to travel to all the continents with the exception of Antartica. There may be a Lonely Planet Antartica, but that doesn't mean you should go there.
3. I'm left handed.
4. Dog or Cat?: I'm a dog person all the way.
5. Salty or Sweets?: 9 times out of 10 I'll take something sweet.
6. I like school.
7. Love Jeopardy, HATE Wheel of Fortune.
8. Never thought I would marry, but I happily have.
9. I am a recovering pack rat. I can't help it is a heritary problem.
10. My first crush was on Han Solo from Star Wars. I used to say Harrison Ford, but now he just gives me the creeps. Han, however, still does it for me in a very small adolescent way.
11. My first plane trip was a 14 hour flight to Sydney.
12. I am obsessed with listening to NPR.
13. I like to watch movies...in the theater, at home, on TV...
14. I even like watching a movie starting from the middle.
15. Even if I've never seen it before.
16. Or if I know there are only 20 minutes left.
17. My second biggest peeve is people who talk in the movie theater. Those people need to stay at home.
18. My biggest peeve is people who bring small children to adult movies. I'm not talking porn here, but anything that is not G rated. Folks, being a parent meant making sacrafices. Looks like going to the movies is one of them Get a DVD player or a babysitter...quickly.
19. I would rather take a picture than be in one.
20. If you're pouring drinks, I'll usually have a Jack and Coke.
21. I probably watch too much TV.
22. I watch way too much reality TV.
23. I love the British Royal Family.
24. I refer to Queen Elizabeth as "Liz." I think we would be wonderful friends if we met.
25. I have always believed that Princes Diana's "death" was a major conspiracy.
26. I also think that if they wanted to, the governement could get me.
27. I have seen a UFO.
28. I was not on drugs at the time, and I have other witnesses.
29. I love the sound of Julie Andrews' voice. She can hypnotize me with her speaking and her singing.
30. I have 1 tatoo.
31. I got it on the day of the Oscars a few years ago.
32. Every Oscar night I have a small anniversary for my tatoo even though I know the calendar date is different every year.
33. I have a really cool old bike that my husband got me. He's cool.
34. Hate to drive, love to navigate.
35. I used to care about horiscopes and all that jazz, but now it just doesn't seem to matter.
36. I have never broken a bone.
37. I broke my toe once, but that doesn't really count.
38. I had chicken pox when I was 5.
39. I should be working right now.
40. Sean Connery does it for me.
41. Yes, even today and not just in the old Bond movies.
42. I love British pop music. The cheesier the better.
43. I own and still listen to the Aqua album with the "Barbie Girl" song on it.
44. I still love Saturday morning cartoons.
45. But only on Saturdays.
46. I wish I could be a dancer.
47. If I was a superhero, I would want my power to be invisibility.
48. I went to Catholic School for 12 years.
49. I was a Girl Scout for 12 years too.
50. I was labeled as a "good girl" for a really long time.
51. I will not likely go to my high school reunion.
52. I like going to church now.
53. It is harder to go to church now because I feel like I expect more when I go.
54. Anything you can do, I can do better.
55. Or at least I'd like to try.
56. I love Broadway musicals.
57. I saw Hugh Jackman in a performance of Oklahoma.
58. Every time I spell "Oklahoma" I sing "O-k-l-a-h-o-m-a Oklaho-mah" in my head.
59. I played a nun in a production of The Sound of Music.
60. I am a morning person, but I usually don't want to talk then.
61. I love to paint, craft, and create.
62. I rarely make time to do those things.
63. I love my palm pilot.
64. I'm even proficient at the "graffiti" language.
65. I generally like spicy foods.
65. I am learning to cook and I really like it now.
66. I don't have my ears pierced.
67. I used to have my ears pierced, but I got an infection and let them close up.
68. That was in the 6th grade.
69. I have not wanted earrings since.
70. If I were going to pierce anything now it would be my nose.
71. I doubt that I would get my nose pierced now.
72. I would get a new tatoo.
73. I like to use change when I spend with cash. If it is $7.14 I will look for the 14 cents in my wallet.
74. I love my new wallet, but am nervous because there is no change receptacle.
75. I like to buy shoes and purses.
76. I think I am turning into a frugal and cheap old lady.
77. I'm not old yet!
78. I am excited about becoming a teacher.
79. I am scared about not finding a job.
80. I don't eat fast food french fries anymore.
81. I don't like riding in elevators.
82. I love roller coasters.
83. I tend to be an easy going person.
84. Unless things don't go my way...
85. Or people are just acting stupid.
86. I really want to be easy going.
87. I married a wonderful guy.
88. I have a Doozer sitting on my computer.
89. I like to quiz people to see if they know what he is.
90. I really like when people know the Fraggle Rock reference.
91. I hate being bored at work.
92. I would rather be busy and challenged at work than not.
93. I like to read books.
94. I don't spend enough time reading the things I want to read.
95. My parents are pretty cool.
96. I never thought so until a few years ago.
97. I believe Jude Law is unnaturally attractive. I mean no one should be able to look that good!
98. I am forever hopeful, optimistic, and glass half-full.
99. I like to believe in impossible things.
100. I think Oprah could rule the world and be really good at it.

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