I thought I was done with Junior High

Ok, so I'm not done with junior high in the way that I work there, but I am so over acting like I'm in 7th grade. I took lil' monkey to a playtime for tots at the library. We came late bcause she didn't start her nap right away. We walk in to the small room and no one acknowledges us. Not a "hi" or a "go fuck yourself." Monkey took awhile taking it in, but got busy. She kept trying to make eye contact with the mom nearest to where she had moved to, and despite the fact that she wasn't speaking to anyone, she stonewalled her. Like her cute smiles of a greeting shouldn't be acknowledge in some cursory way. Ok. Fine.

No one spoke to me the entire time. I saw one mom leave with her little girl because no one spoke to her either. They were also the only minorities in the room. These women talked about the special programs they have their kids going to or complained about being preggo again. I hated them all. They either looked like a nice neat stepford mom or a rich-yet-choosing-to-be-dirty hippy.

I don't know if I'll go back there. There is a Saturday morning story time so we'll try that hoping for normal people who do normal things in their lives. The Stepford/Dirty Hippy moms were scary. Is that what stay at home moms are like? How do they see me? How did they judge me so instantly that not one person could say hello? I felt like we invaded their special time. No, ladies, this was advertised so that anyone could come here. Grrrrr.

Thats all for my rant today. I feel better.

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