Ok, so life as of late has been a tad crazy. A bit pressing and stressful if you will. And I'm not even student teaching yet. Oh no. I don't really mind the hectic-ness of it all. I think this is so because I like all the things I'm doing. My body, however, is telling me a different story.
So last week it was my eye. My left eye had a fairly constant twitch in the lower lid. It drove me nuts. I tried everything short of vallium, but the only thing that helped was time. Over the weekend it just faded away. I guess I should be glad that a) it stopped and b) nothing burst in my face making me look like the elephant girl.
This week the ear ache that has been the background is comeing foward with a gentle sore throat. Super! Top it off with biting the inside of my mouth so now I have sores that won't heal! Yay!
So today I'm going to the clinic. I need to tell the doctor man that I need to chase away the demon. I know I'm putting myself through a lot, but if I can do all this and not emotionally fall apart, then i shouldn't fall apart physically either. So there!

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